One of my dearest friends has been spotted on My Blog Log; I saw her photo on my side bar and got so excited. She has been lurking around, reading, visiting sites that I link to, but never commenting. What gives my little Feather? What gives?

Feather, shown with me on the left, is one of my best friends. This picture was taken just before we graduated from college a mere 12 years ago. Back when we were young, idealistic and fresh. Aren't we adorable! She knows all my nasty little secrets - even about my left-handed tacos.

She is one of the most amazing women I know. Her family became my family. She taught me that God is more than just an idea; she taught me that He is someone to have a personal relationship with. She is an amazing mother, daughter and wife.

I am sad that we don't live near each other any longer; that I don't get to watch her kids grow up; and that I don't know her husband as well as I should.

Feather doesn't blog, but has a myspace page. I am trying to talk her into it. Since she's here and has created a blog log profile, she must be tempted to start the blogging fun. Join us, Feather!

3 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

Wow, sounds like a great someone to know! Come on, Feather, you know you wanna blog with us!

One Teacher's Journey said...

Miss Chrissy!! You are such a brat!! haha! You make me laugh! It has taken me three days to find the header I like and then make it fit and then make it centered!! GRRRR! Right now blogging is irritating me! However...I will continue to try my best! I will be sending you some emails to help the new blogger out!
Miss you much! And thanks for the words of are too sweet (or just full of it)!

Fratzels said...

She is great to know, Becki!

Listen, my little Feather, you need to join the blogging revolution and not let it frustrate - those are just growing pains.
I would never tell anythign but the truth about our friendship. You know I think you are the best!

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