I walked into my dark house last night and my mood was brightened by the arrival of my Pink Christmas package. Its arrival let me forget my lack of power for a moment. I opened the box right away and put the beautifully wrapped gift under my tree. There is sits waiting anxiously for me to open it. I'm so excited.

At the bottom of the mailing box I found a necklace. I wasn't certain if it was for me or if it fell into the bottom of the box by mistake. When I got to work this morning an email was waiting for me - she wanted me to have the necklace early! So sweet. I love Pink Christmas!

I need to plan carefully for next year. I'm not super crafty, so I fear that my Pink Christmas gift (which should be safely in Cali by now) won't be up to par. Next year will be different. I will scour crafty peoples' wares for the perfect gift(s) for next eyar.

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