Tuesday's Tip Jar

To get a flat baked cake, bake your cakes at 300 degrees instead of 350. You'll want to add 10 minutes to the cooking time, then check it for doneness. This method requires more looking and checking on your cake, but the result is a beautifully flat cake that makes decorating much easier.

3 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

This is really good to know! My cakes always get this rounded effect, I would love it if they were flat! I am definitely going to try this!

Burg said...

Great!! I'm forever trying to cut off the hump and make it level.. It doesn't always work, and especially with cakes I'm going to layer they can turn out terribly uneven.

Jenny said...

What Burg said. I'm terrible at cutting a rounded cake down to a flat surface.

I'll be trying this one!

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