Dr. Peektoe Stiletto

As many of you know, the hubs had surgery a few weeks ago to determine whether or not his melanoma spread to his lymph nodes. Prior to the surgery, we met his surgeon. In she walks wearing stripper shoes peek toe stilettos with her white lab coat. Really? Have you ever seen a doctor wear stripper shoes peek toe stilettos? No? Me either.

On the way home, we talked about it and laughed. My final thought on it was, well at least she’s styling up the place.

We show up for the surgery and see her before he goes under the knife. She doesn’t have on the stripper shoes peek toe stilettos. I said to her, “What? No high heels for surgery?” She laughed and said, “No,” then went on to remove a few lymph nodes from his groin area.

The surgery ends and all is well. The hubs saw her again late last week for a follow-up. I didn’t attend this little visit because he is cancer free and didn’t really need me there.

He had an appointment with a dermatologist yesterday (got 4 more moles removed). The dermatologist said to him, “So, Dr. Peektoe Stiletto did your surgery? What did you think of her? I hear a lot about her.” This comment from the dermatologist sparked a conversation at Wednesday Night Dinner.

Apparently, the hubs has given her a lot of thought. He described her to Metro, one of our Wednesday Night Dinner guests, as a cross between Catherine Zeta Jones and Demi Moore with stripper shoes (my hubs is not anywhere near fashion forward enough to use the words peek toe).

WHAT? He has given her that much thought? Are you kidding me? You have thought that much about a woman who has seen your nether regions? WHAT?

If she weren’t so friendly and compassionate, I would be thoroughly annoyed. Now I am only slightly annoyed.

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Rebecca said...

I would be slightly annoyed too, but then again I think right now I am sensitive to everything! Men just don't think much before speaking, do they? LOL!

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