Grapes are one of the greatest fruits. The tasty and delish little sugar nuggets can be thrown in a bag for a healthy snack on the go. They can be frozen for a sweet, natural snack on a hot day. And, when allowed to ferment, they give us this beautiful thing called wine!

The problem with grapes, however, is they roll. You can be loading your snack bag with grapes, and one little problem grape breaks free. It falls to the floor and rolls away. It then becomes the chameleon grape and blends in with your floor so well that you can not find it after 1o minutes of searching. You decide to go on about your business. 3 hours later, you walk through the kitchen on your way out the door, and feel something squishy on your foot. You found the grape! That's right, your foot did what your eyes couldn't. What is known as the delish and healthy snack has just become a whole lot of trouble. Now you need to wash your foot and clean the floor.

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