The Smile Award

Sometimes I think all I do is complain, so it is good to know that I have been given an award for making someone smile! Bitsy has bestowed this honor upon me. Thanks Bitsy! You know I would turn around and nominate you again in a second because your blog does, indeed, make me smile.

There are people like V and Cutesy Girl that I would love to nominate, if only they had blogs. Well, V has one, she just chooses not to post. Cutesy Girl has a lot to say, so hers would be phenomenal. C'mon girls...jump on the blog train!

Alas, I will spread the bloggy love around. The three blogs that make me smile most often are Designher Momma, The Queen of Mayhem and Sassy Frazz. All three of them make me smile for so many different reasons. Their blogs are top notch and enjoyable each day. Thanks ladies!

3 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Bitsy said...

((HUGS)) I tell ya what, that recipe above made me smile! LOL!! It even made me want to try asparagus again!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Thanks for thinking of me and I love the recognition from the pres! Good stuff!

Your blog makes me smile too! :)

Sarah said...

Thanks so much for making me smile, cuz I make you smile~That made my day! Here is to you!!

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