Tuesday's Tip Jar

Eight years ago today I married my best friend, so today it's only fitting that my Tuesday's Tip jar will be my tips for a successful marriage.
1) Realize that the man you married has the same basic personality traits he did on the day you got married. You'll never be able to change those personality traits, so stop trying.
2) Love your husband for who he is; faults and all. He loves you faults and all. Stop apologizing for your faults. They are yours; together with the good, they make you uniquely you.
3) Accept that there will be one overly sensitive spouse and one not-so sensitive spouse. Work on seeing things from the opposite point of view.
4) Go out together. Don't only have girls' nights. It's not healthy to only spend time out with your girlfriends. It leads to mistrust, less communication and temptation that can and should be avoided. Have date nights and throw a girls' night in there occasionally.
5) Be open and honest at all times. There's no need to keep secrets from each other.
6) Marriage is hard work, but it is worth it. Don't give up at the first sign of trouble. You entered into it with vows that told you it was going to be both good and bad. Stick with it through the bad; you'll be glad you did.
7) Enjoy each other.
Happy, happy anniversary, Hubs!

4 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Todd said...

Love ya!

Totallyscrappy said...

I love that last picture of the two of you in the car. Very sweet!
May you always continue to cherish that man God gave you.

Rebecca said...

Happy anniversary!!! You two looked just gorgeous on your wedding day!

Great tips...and so very true!

Muthering Heights said...

Great tips! :)

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