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Us Weekly Cover Stories show their bias as plain as day. It's fairly disgusting that a media gossip rag feels the need to get involved in a political campaign. They paint a beautiful picture of the everyday American family, the Obamas. They paint an ugly picture of the everyday American family, the Palins. How did they decide which was beautiful and which was ugly? I guess I can look at both of them and see beautiful families. Regardless of my political position, I don't feel the need to tear one family down and lift the other up. I like my Hollywood gossip as much as the next person, but you can be sure that I don't plan to read this magazine again.

I guess my biggest gripe is that they won't even give this woman a chance. Sarah Palin deserves as much a chance as any other person that could have been chosen for this VP candidacy.

The republican campaign made a decent choice. A choice that shakes things up quite a bit. A choice that makes women like me sit up and take an interest in this campaign that we otherwise weren't interested in because none of the candidates were like us.

Quite frankly, she is a person I can relate to on a personal level. She's a mother of five. She works full time. She faces struggles that many women and mothers face. She's got a 5 month old. Her daughter is pregnant (how many of know someone with a pregnant teenager?). I can't relate to any of the other candidates for President or Vice President. But I can see that she's like me. I can see that she will appreciate what's important to me.

It's about time a campaign took notice of a growing voice: The voice of women who so badly want a person that can relate to them, women who want it all, women who want to protect their family with an extreme fierceness, women who love their country, women who love their God, women who respect the right to choose but that understand the right to life is more important.

6 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Jessica said...


Rebecca said...

US Weekly makes me sick.

And you know I totally agree with you on the rest!

Anonymous said...

The media sucks.

I think most people can relate on more than one level. Maybe that's why the Dems and the media are so fired up.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

This annoys me as much as when uneducated celebrities feel compelled to impress upon the little people their political beliefs.

Stick to panty-less trainwrecks! got me fired up now! :)

jamie freitas said...

i couldnt agree more w/ your comments!!!!!

Fratzels said...

Jamie!!!! Hello my friend!!! I am so happy you left a comment, and secretly happy you left your approval.

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