Weight Loss Wednesday

It's official. My scale hates me. I am up 2.4 pounds from last week. I don't necessarily think I had a horrible week, but it was a long weekend. I always get into trouble on the weekends, then you throw an extra day in there and it's pandemonium!

NSV of the week: "Would you stop losing weight already. You are going to disappear!" While I know she was just being nice and there is no real threat of me disappearing any time soon, it was still very nice to hear.

Tip: Fiber One is an amazing brand. They have their original cereal that is great to snack on (don't forget the water), and now they have added a whole slew of products: granola bars (which I can't eat b/c they have peanut products in them), english muffins (delish), bread, yogurt....Hooray for Fiber One. Go out and get yourself some. The products taste great and they add a ton of fiber to your diet.

1 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

Mmm... Fiber One it is!

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