Weight Loss Wednesday

Another Wednesday. I conveniently didn’t post last week on Wednesday. The idea of this weekly MeMe is to keep me accountable. Last week was not a good week for me, and the scale showed it; I couldn’t bring myself to admit it here.

This week, however was another story.

My co-workers and I have a little support group going. All of us are in the same in the same oversized predicament. So, we put together a two part contest (my boss calls it gambling). One is to put a dollar in the pot if we don’t lose or if we gain. The other I will tell you about next week.

Having to put money in the pot frightened my cheap frugal ways, so I lost weight. I lost 5.2 pounds to be exact. Before you start throwing streamers, don’t forget about the bad week last week.

I find I do best when my days are pretty regular. Here is a sample of what I eat on a normal day:

7:00am Diet Vanilla Pepsi
8:00am Whole grain, light English muffin with 2 Laughing Cow light cheese wedges
10:30am Light yogurt
12:30pm Frozen WW meal or lean cuisine with a red bell pepper sliced and 4 tablespoons of hummus to dip them in.
3:30pm Fruit (pear or grapes last week)
5:30pm Dinner with the family. The dinners range from roast chicken to soup, but nothing super fatty and I limit my servings of starchy foods.
8:00 Glass of wine. Sometimes non-fat, sugar-free pudding or popcorn.
And buckets of water. Tons of water. I might just float away from all the water!

That snack at 3:30 is imperative. If I don’t have it, I overdo it at dinner.

Next week, I will introduce you to Veronica V. My weight loss buddy!

4 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

I think skipping an afternoon snack is what my problem is!

Mel, A Dramatic Mommy said...

Congratulations! I'm trying to drop a few pounds before a weekend trip next month. My sweet tooth does me in. My new discovery: dip a Hershey's Bliss into peanut butter. Heaven!

Heather said...

Good job friend! You are to be commended for your great eating habits! Sounds like it is paying off!

Francine said...

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