No...not the cheeky little monkey from Dora the Explorer, actual boots. I have had the same black ankle boots for many, many years. I think well over 5 years. They are in bad, bad shape, so I am on the search for a new pair. My budget is limited so I have been checking out sites like 6pm and Cutesy Girl for a bargain.

In my search I have come across many boots like these. If I had known these were going to come back in style, I would have kept mine from Junior High. Helloooooo...shoe sellers and designers! 1987 called. They want their boots back.

3 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

BlogMom said...

I was driving by when highschool got out the other day in our town and I couldn't believe my eyes - the 80's have returned with a vengance!!! Everywhere I looked it was 80's madness!

Burg said...

I had a grey pair..

Why oh why do they want to bring the 80's back?? That was one of the most awful fashion decades EVER!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Slouchy boots....EWWWW!

I am never going to be in style if that is what it takes!

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