Oh What A Web We Weave

Celebrate the season with this wickedly webby cake!

What you need to Decorate this Cake:
Chocolate Frosting
Vanilla Frosting
Edible Glitter
Plastic Spiders

Make your favorite round cake recipe (mine happens to be chocolate) and frost it with chocolate frosting. Remember, the first layer of frosting should be very thin. Allow that layer to harden, then go over it with another thicker layer of frosting.

Before the second layer of chocolate frosting hardens, pipe white frosting in thick concentric circles around the cake. Using a butter-knife, drag lines inward to the center circle, thus creating a cob-web like effect. Wipe your knife clean after each line.

Sprinkle the web with white edible glitter. (This stuff is amazing! If you don't have any, I recommend buying some. It doesn't add any flavor, but just gives your cakes that little extra sparkle.)

Top the cake off by placing plastic spiders all over the cake. I used plastic spider rings that I found at Wal-Mart. The rings made it easy to poke the spiders into the cake.

Enjoy the cake with your family and friends!

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