Christmas Shopping

Phewwww! I just took a huge “to do” off my list. Every child that I need to buy Christmas presents for has been scratched off my list. I profited from Little Man’s accident AFLAC sent us money for the collar bone incident. While it did what it was supposed to and repaid me for the $160 the accident cost me in doctors’ visits, new button-up shirts, and the “you’re a brave boy” present, that money was already considered out of the picture and spent. What that means is that the $345 they sent was fair game.

It came at the perfect time! Toys-r-Us released their big toy book and it included many sale items. Online, there were many items with free shipping. With the exception of one item, I got it all with free shipping!!! I love online shopping!

It’s going to be a game Christmas for Little Man. He’s not really into building anything other than Geotrax, and he’s got plenty of that (according to hubs…there’s always room for more Geotrax – just wait until Ladybug is ready for Barbie, hubs!). I bought him several little games that I think he will enjoy.

Don’t Spill the Beans,
Honey Bee Tree and the classic memory game are some that I found. There are other things too, but these stand out in my memory.

Ladybug was a bit more difficult. She’s already got so many toys from when Little Man was her age. It’s hard to justify buying more of the same type of toys. I bought her a hairbow holder (so cute) and a
baby doll by tidoo; it got great reviews. The developmental therapists at work told me a doll would be a perfect present for her age; she can practice washing it, combing its hair and pointing out body parts.

I still need to buy for both sets of parents. I am also questions stocking gifts. I bought them for the kids (thank you dollar section at Target), but am wondering whether or not to buy them for me and hubs. I think Little Man is at the age where he will notice if we don’t get something from Santa. I may just buy a bottle of wine and a few other little things that I will end up buying for us anyway. What do you do? Do you buy fill your stocking and the stocking of your hubs?

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4 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

That doll is cute - it is all about dolls around here for Bean, she is so into pretending to be Momma, LOL!!!

I haven't begun shopping yet, not sure what all I will do...

Rebecca said...

I felt like a schmuck after your comment on my post on BlogMommas.. I had just been here commenting and then I went off about holiday in the retail world, LOL!!! It wasn't your post that set me off, it was the obscene about of messages floating through Twitter with holiday savings and catalogs and more...

Do you use Twitter ever? I'm actually have fun with it, although it is quite addicting.

I haven't been able to get ahold of anyone in my family regarding Gramma and it is stressing me out.

Rebecca said...

obscene amount, not about, LOL!

having not have....

yikes... again, I so need to proofread.

Heather said...

First, let me say how jealous I am that you have STARTED Christmas shopping! I haven't...!! Grr!
Great gifts for the little man! He will love those! And a little girl needs a baby to love!
As for the stockings...Adam and I both have one. We fill it for each other. We usually do socks, gift cards, Walnuts, Oranges in the toes, etc. So it is fun to find those stupid things to put in there! I gave him duck tape one year...hahah!

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