The Holidays are Over....

...thank goodness! I had a wonderful time celebrating Christmas 4 times, but boy am I wiped out.

We had our own little family Christmas on December 20th. Little Man was thrilled that Santa listened to him and came to our house early. He was vague in what he asked for, so he was pleased with everything. The toy he loved the most came from the $1 bin at Wal-Mart. Mental note for next year: only buy from $1 bins. Ladybug could have cared less about the whole thing.

We flew to Cali on December 24th. It was an 18 hour day. That's a long day for anyone to go through and Little Man was no exception. The hubs is now looking into some legal way to tranquilize himself or Little Man before our trip to Cali in November. Ladybug, per her personality, went with the flow.

We had 6 days in Cali of pure, un-restfulfamily fun time. 2 of those days 25 family members were together. 25 people in a small house makes for a very hectic time for the hosts; I know because my mother hosted one of the events. My father says it's not happening again - next time, he will take everyone out to eat. I suggested my wedding reception venue and charging people the $$$ per head. Is that tacky for a family Christmas? Cash bar? Sounds okay to me and only fair for the people that host it all the time - and somone else has to set-up, cook and clean up. Perfect.

While in Cali we went to LegoLand. It was a a good time, but a really long drive (3 hours) in a motorhome with 6 adults and 4 kids. Sound like fun? It wasn't too bad. We all made it in one piece and most slept on the ride home.

We flew back on December 31st. It was a 14 hour day of travel, and still very difficutl for a 3.5 year old boy. He just can't handle being over-tired. He was cranky and difficult to manage.

The New Year was greeted by the back of my eyelids. I am back to work and still feel like I am recovering.

Happy 2009!

4 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

Wow, 25 people! I hosted five plus my family so nine in all and I felt totally wiped out from it, LOL! Well, glad you are back and hopefully you will catch up on your rest.

Legoland sounds like fun - we've never been. Someday..


MelADramatic Mommy said...

Oi that's a lot of family togetherness. You were in my hood on Legoland day!

Burg said...

We were sick.. Didn't go anywhere, didn't see anyone. Best Christmas ever, aside from the vomit and stuff.

Rebecca said...

will you be coming back to the blogging world?

I'm on Bitsy :)

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