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Oh my word! I finally know what you peanut butter fanatics have been talking about. See, I am allergic to peanut butter, so I never ever understood why all of you fans would go so nutty over it. I just didn't get it.

A couple of months ago we had Little Man tested for food allergies. We knew he had them, but we wanted to see what he had other than eggs and what nuts he was allergic to (secretly I was hoping the egg allergy was gone). He's allergic to all nuts, to eggs, to dust mites (yes, dust mites - that's another post all together), and mildly to soy (he can have if it is used in moderation.

I asked the doctor about seeds. I have been operating under the assumption that he is allergic to all seeds as well. He's not. In fact, she said most seeds have a very low rate of allergens. You run into problems when they are processed in tree nut facilities. She suggested we try sun butter as a substitute for peanut butter. It is made from sun flower seeds.

It didn't take me long to find some in one of the upscale local markets. They carry it in the health food sections for $5 a jar. YIKES! Anyway, I had the hubs try it first. I'm not going to lie, I was afraid to taste it. I have a serious mental block against PB. He tried it and said it was a good substitute (much better than the soy nut butter I brought home once).

So...I gave it a taste. OH HOLY SUNFLOWER SEEDS! It was incredible. I started eating it on toast and then on crackers. Then I realized it would taste delish with chocolate. I can finally relate to you PB lovers.

On Jan 1 I started my diet again (remember weight loss wednesday???). Anyway, I had some spare points for the day, so I went looking for that jar of sun butter. When I found it and figured the points, I nearly passed out! My love affair with this new food must come to an end!

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heather said...

My son is allergic to soy, peanuts, eggs, wheat, and dairy. I started a website www.spewdfree.com to help others who suffer from food allergies. SPEWD Free has food allergy friendly recipes and a food allergy blog.

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