Tuesday's Tip Jar

Looking for a way to exercise and have fun with your kids? I found a really old exercise video; you might know it - Sweating to the Oldies! I pulled it out and asked Little Man if he want to dance to silly music with me and a crazy guy on television. He, of course, said yes. We had fun dancing together for 30 whole minutes. Give it a try and laugh with your kids!

2 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

Richard Simmons cracks me up!

Happy Tuesday!

Jessica said...

I found some free workouts on "on demand" on our cable. I tried one, which was VERY hard and Hoss thought it was awesome. He was trying to do the same moves. I have an old Richard Simmons. I will definitely have to pull it out and see if Hoss will do it with me. :)

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