The Next Food Network Star

I am a Food Network junkie. I can't stop watching it (that's not true - I'm not a big fan of unwrapped or good eats and almost always change the channel when they comes on). I have entered their contests in the past and have won a cookbook and even tickets to Emeril ( I didn't go because the timing was bad and I couldn't afford a trip to NY). I have my favorites; if you read my last blog you know I adore Rachel Ray (although I have yet to make one of her 30 minute meals in 30 actual minutes. Tyler Florence couldn't be any sexier - I mean seriously, yum-o! Paula Deen is hysterical and her use of butter makes all her dishes irresistible! Giada de Laurentiis has some really fantastic recipes that make Italian seem easy.

With my maternity leave, and the need to get up in the middle of the night that comes with maternity leave, I have discovered that the Food Network is on until 5:00am most nights - thank goodness!

The Next Food Network Star premieres Sunday night! Even the hubs is into the show and looking forward to it. It's on kinda late for us, so we will most likely DVR it and watch it the next day. The thing is, though, I have only liked one of the winners so far. Guy Fieri is a great TV personality! The Hardy Boys are far too flamboyant for my taste and last year's winner - Amy Something has a very flat personality on her show - there's just nothing there! I am hoping for a great winner this year!!!

2 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

I LOVE the Food Networ! And I LOVE the Next Food Network star!!! I can't wait!

I actually voted for Guy! I don't really car for Amy either and the Hardy Boys just make me laugh...

designerHER Momma said...

oh man, I wish I had cable tv just to watch food network. Instead I blog. I would rather watch food network.

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