Best New Baby Product

We didn't buy too many new baby items when Ladybug was born. Quite frankly we had everything we needed from when Little Man was an infant. Anything we bought for her would have been a luxury. These little Bumbo Seats were not an option when Little Man arrived, so when I saw them this time around I had been eyeballing them. I knew I wanted one. In typical Cali Girl Momma fashion, I got what I wanted.

On a whim, I decided to give it a try this morning. I thought for sure Ladybug would be too small and flop over in it, but she didn't. She is just the right size for the seat and fits in it snugly. It is a fantastic seat and forces her to work those neck muscles. I am so glad I decided to buy one! If you are preggo or if you need to buy a baby gift, I recommend this seat!

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