Spoiling Her?

We don't go out to breakfast very often because of Little Man's egg allergy. This weekend, he spent the night with the grandparents so we took advantage of a partially free morning and went to breakfast with Ladybug. Going to breakfast with an infant also has its pitfalls. I am very wary of disrupting other patrons' breakfasts with a crying baby - it's just not nice.

We sat down next to a table with 3 elderly folks. Ladybug did phenomenally well through most of the outing. Part way through, I took her out of her car seat and bounced her on my knee. When that was no longer satisfying, I stood and rocked back-and-forth with her (you know that mom rock that we all do even without an infant in our arms - it's just a habit). She settled, so I sat with her and inhaled my breakfast. Finally finished, I got up with her again while the Hubs (who, by the way did not hold her or stand and rock her - just to give him some credit, he did offer - insisting would have been better, but they can't be perfect) finished his breakfast.

It was during that last rocking stint that it happened - the unsolicited, if not rude, piece of advice/comment from one of the elderly gentleman at the table next to ours, who probably last soothed a crying infant 55 years ago. "You're spoiling that child." What I said was, "You think so, huh?" What I wanted to say was, "Listen gramps; it's either I do this and let you enjoy your breakfast in peace or I let her scream and you give me dirty looks and think me a horrible mother for bringing a crying baby out in public."

4 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

Sometimes I think people are just so obnoxious - especially OLD people! I have had some unsolicited advice as well and it just burns me up.

I was at WalMart one day and told a lady that if she thought she could do better then be my guest - she didn't like that very much.

Jessica said...

I can't stand the unsolicited "advice." I'm sure he would have just LOVED to hear her cry while he tried to eat his breakfast. Some people!

TONYA said...

I would have to turn up to the restaurant on the same day and time again and pray that he is there. Get a table close by and let Ladybug scream through breakfast. Not spoiling her then are you. Crotchety old man needs to mind his own business.

Love your blog :)

Life As I Know It said...

I think it's a generational thing. I was told that I was spoiling my then 2 day (!) old son by holding him while he was sleeping. Yeah, I don't think so...
Don't you love unsolicited advice??

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