Bumper Sticker Love

I was following a car home last night that had a bumper sticker that said, "WORK HARDER Millions on Welfare depend on you."
Millions On Welfare - Bumper Sticker

The car was from Vermont. I'm fairly certain the driver of said car is the only Republican in Vermont

6 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

I love that!

Miss Poppy Dixon said...

I love it, too. If children are old enough to eat with a fork and spoon, they're old enough to work in a factory!

Rebecca said...

I am not meaning to insult anyone, but are you flippin' kidding me, Miss Poppy Dixon???? What kind of ridiculous statement is that???

DesignHER Momma said...

very interesting indeed.

Fratzels said...

Who knew a bumper sticker I thought was funny would spark a nasty comment? Certainly not me. The hubs says this is why I need to have comment moderation.
Child labor is despicable. I do hope that miss poppy dixon only made a horrible joke and doesn't really believe it.

Carlotta said...

That was pretty harsh and insensitive by miss poppy.

Being an ex-welfare mom, I personally took offense to that bumper sticker. But with welfare's poor history, I can't blame 'em!

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