Crying it Out

Ladybug has pushed me over the edge of exhaustion. I am walking around like a zombie during the day. If it were for the smoke and mirrors of makeup, people would see the very dark circles that have set up shop under my eyes.

I fear that this lack of real sleep will catch up with me at work. One day my boss is going to figure out that I am a shell of the woman she used to employ. In an effort to keep that from happening, I actually went to bed at 7:59pm on Monday night. That's right, ladies. It was actually 7:59 when I looked at the clock. It was still light outside, but I knew it was my only fighting chance to survive the next day.

Ladybug actually had a period of time where she slept for 7 hour stretches - those nights have been gone for some time and are replaced with a 3.5 hour stretch. Ladybug and I had a long conversation last night while she was getting her delish rub down with baby lotion. It went something like this:

Mommy: Ladybug, are you going to sleep for 7 hours tonight?
Ladybug: Mommy, I love you and want to spend quality time with you.
Mommy: But Ladybug, I am so tired and I know you must be too.
Ladybug: Oh Mommy, shake it off. You're not that tired. Don't you nap during the day too?
Mommy: Please, please Ladybug sleep for more than 3.5 hours tonight.
Ladybug: I love you Mommy.

Ladybug is going to be learning the fine art of "crying it out." She doesn't know it yet, but it's already on the calendar. The experts say I must wait until she is 4-6 months old to let her "cry it out." I'm guessing these experts are either men (who are like my hubs and will only wake if a freight train is running through the bedroom) or are woman that never went back to work. They are, however, the experts so I will listen to them. She's got another 4 weeks of this nonsense, then mommy boot-camp starts

2 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

I'm so glad to have sleeping kids..LOL!!!

((HUGS)) Let mommy Bootcamp begin!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Oh....those lovely sleepless nights! I certainly DO NOT miss those!

Good luck!

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