Gone are the nights of 7 hour stretches, nursing for 15 minutes, then another 4-5 hour stretch. Yep, those days are gone. It's like Ladybug got inside my mind and heard me saying, "Wow! She is a pretty good sleeper; much better than Little Man was at her age;" and said, "I'll show you Momma!"
Saturday night went something like this:

7:15pm: Stripped Ladybug down to her onesie (it's pretty warm in the house). Went upstairs and nursed her on one side. Burped her. Changed her diaper, then wrapped her in the Swaddle Me blanket, (which, by the way is one of the baby products I can not live without).

7:45pm: Ladybug is laid in her crib drowsy, but awake. She falls fast asleep, and I say a little prayer that she will go back to her 7 hour ways.

8:00pm: The hubs and I pour a glass of Barefoot Chardonnay and fire up HBO On Demand to see Dream Girls (that's right - it took us this long to actually sit down and watch that movie).

10:15pm: I head upstairs and take care of my pre-bed routine, then settle into bed with a new book.

10:30pm: Hubs comes to bed, so the lights go out; which is okay, because I haven't been sleeping so well in the past week (thanks Ladybug).

11:30pm: Loud cries from on the monitor. "4 hours! Oh, Man!" I walk into Ladybug's room to find her little arms and legs out of the swaddle. The only thing in the swaddle is her belly, but only because the velcro kept it there. By now, it's a little cold in her room from the windows I popped open. Fabulous! I search for pajamas, but they are in the laundry basket in my dark and quiet bedroom (this is exactly what I deserve for not putting the laundry away each day). Because there are no jammies available, I found a pair of knit pants and threw those on her, then nursed her.

11:45pm: Back to bed drowsy, but awake. "Please God, let her sleep more than just 2 hours."

1:30am: More cries from the monitor, followed by, "Oh Crap! 1 hour and 45 minutes." I walk into her room to find her little arms out of the swaddle. "What is she, Houdini? How is she getting out of the velcro?" I secure the swaddle and nurse her again.

1:45am: Back in bed drowsy, but awake. "Please, Lord. I'm begging you. Let her sleep longer than just 1.5 hours."

3:30am: More cries from the monitor, followed by, "C'mon! %$#&!" I walk into her room to find her little arms out of the swaddle again. Okay, so I guess she can't be swaddled any longer, but this leaves me with the jammie problem. She's got on a onesie and pants. I search for something zippered in her closet (she's crying pretty loud at this point) without success. I finally settle on a snapped sleeper and throw it on her. Then fed her.

3:45am: I put her to bed drowsy but awake and un-swaddled, then walk back into my bedroom to hear her "I'm awake" noises on the monitor and the Hubs snoring. It's then that I start crying and asking, "Why is this happening to me?"

4:45am: She finally calls out for me and in I go. It's clear she can't sleep without the swaddle (How do I break that slowly and gently?). I swaddle her and feed her.

5:00am: Back in bed asleep (yes, I broke the put them to bed drowsy advice).

7:30am: I wake the hubs to get Little Man, who immediately starts his loud chattering.

7:32am: Cries from the monitor and the day begins. Man am I exhausted. It's like having a newborn all over again. Do they go through a growth spurt at 10-11 weeks?


3 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

It exhausts me just reading about it!

Life As I Know It said...

Oh, sleep deprivation makes everything else so much harder.
Hoping you get more sleep soon!

Burg said...

Thanks for the reminder that someone has got to be sterilized this summer.

Seriously, bless your heart.. I'll be praying for ya.

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