Do you ever have someone that makes you so angry that you can't get out of your own head? I am in that situation now. It started off as something very little and only slightly annoying. As time went on, things progressed and became more annoying. Now I am just plain angry.

I am, for the most part, pretty easy going and even tempered. Through all this nonsense I am trying to put on a professional face, but it is becomming increasingly difficult for me not to scream. That might actually be what's making me the most crazy, because it's not my typical reaction to anything.

If you have words of advice on how to remain calm, I would love to read them. Please share!

6 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Twinkle Mom of Sunflower Faith said...

Darts work well but not for anyone who accidently walks pass you.

Pillows but then you have to remember that it doesn't work if you press too hard on the pillow that you pass out.

Hitting head on table but if the table cracks then you may want to refrain from hitting too hard.

Fish. Buy a about a snake...makes for a great distraction.

It's hard to be angry when your screaming in fear...oh wait...stay calm is the goal, not stay in state of fear....

Move to Hawaii?

*Hugs* Lol..hope you can get things resolved.

Fratzels said...

Thanks for the laugh. It does make me feel better. Perhaps Hawaii will be lacking problem people.

Rebecca said...

Oh girl, I do know the anger! I know it very well!!! I have no advice other than pray...anger is something I struggle with a lot.


I will always read your blog!

Terie said...

Meditation, Yoga--it's a good workout and you get to clear your head of what ails you..then again, the instructor and other students might be more of those annoying people, hmmm, what to do? Honestly, exercise is the only thing that helps me, outside of taking a breather by myself if that's at all possible.

Your Mother said...

The best thing that helps when someone upsets me and I think I may cry is to Drink a Glass of Water. I have told other people to do this and it helps them to. Not sure why but it works. It is probably just taking that pause. I used to take water with me to Management Meetings. You can do it, Love, Mom
Or just say "Bless you Heart" to whoever it is and that will make you smile inside.

Stacy said...

Visualize yourself doing whatever it takes to relieve your tension....choking the person...yelling profanities...whatever. Have a good long fantasy where you put that person in their place and you walk away victorious. It works evreytime. Although I cannot be to blame if you break out in fits of laughter everytime when you see this person from now on.

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