Weight Loss Wednesday

Weight Loss Wednesday

I have been avoiding debating the idea of posting anything in relation to my weight battle. I told myself the internal war was whether or not it was too personal for me to post. In reality, I was afraid of the accountability of it all, because I lacked focus and motivation.

Every Thursday I meet with a group of women with whom I work. We started the group as Weight Watchers. I was responsible for getting everyone WW at Home kits for a discount price through the help of our medical insurance. At the time, I was 8 months pregnant, so doing anything more than healthy eating wasn’t an option for me. I still attended the meetings that we set up as a group.

Right now, I am 20 pounds lighter than I was when I got pregnant with Ladybug last summer. Through nothing that I tried to do, mind you, I lost weight during the first part of my pregnancy, then went between gaining and losing 2 pounds during the last part of my pregnancy. The little girl practically sucked the life out of me. I was so sick for the first trimester, that I didn’t eat more than a few bites at each meal. Even those bites were physically tough for me to have in mouth and to swallow. Through the rest of the pregnancy, I felt great but was repulsed by food. Almost everything was unappealing to me, so I just didn’t eat much. I was hoping that those 9 months would have created a habit in me – they didn’t.

Ladybug is 4 months old. I lost 17 pounds following her birth and have not gained weight. I stopped losing weight about 10 weeks ago. Now I am going back and forth between 5 pounds. If I am being honest with myself, I need to shed a good 45 pounds. I no longer have an excuse for putting off what needs to be done.

So, here it is. After much kicking and screaming in my head, I have decided to go public with my very personal battle. My goal is to post here each Wednesday. I plan to post how I am feeling, progress, hints and tips and even recipes. I do Weight Watchers, so I will talk about points and even post recipes’ points.

If you have any hints or tips for successful and health weight loss, I would love to hear them.

8 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Jessica said...

Good Luck! I had attempted weight loss a few months ago and I need to attempt again. I just can't get my rear in gear.

Rebecca said...

I am actually really interested in hearing about Weight Watchers and if it works out for you. I've always wondered about it... I need to lose a good 40 pounds to be healthy. It is such a struggle.

One Teacher's Journey said...

You are one of the most strong willed people I know...and I KNOW that you can do what you set your mind to! So if this is what you feel, make the goal,and then make a plan for sticking to it!

I will tell you two things that has helped me with my weight loss. 1.) Drinking! Drinking and eating at the same time is a bad deal. The fluid stretches your stomach. I use to drink three glasses of tea easily with dinner when we would go out. You need to stop drinking 30 min before you eat...and you can start 30 min after you eat. This will help reduce stomach size and you will feel fuller faster! It is a tough one though. We go out and I wanna order wine or a nice cold glass of tea. Now, I just order water as to save money since I know I will not drink it anyway.
2.) Smaller plates! I don't use an adult size plate anymore. You know those nice Lighting McQueen plates, or Little Mermaid kid plates! :-) Or just a salad plate will work! haha! This helps me to put less on my plate. I get one helping on that plate...and that is it. This also helps to keep me honest about how much is going in my mouth!

These two things have helped me and makes me constantly aware when I hit the table to watch my weight. You can do it friend!

By the way..yes I planted tomatoes! Planted four plants! And I even EAT them now! You would be so proud of my eating habits! I eat a lot of new things all the time! Taste buds changing perhaps!

DesignHER Momma said...

First off, I congratulate you for doing what you are doing. Secondly, thank you for bringing it to the blog, so we can support you.

As someone who is still 10 pounds "overweigt" from having her second, I commend you for taking this on.

I just might find some motivation through you!

Leslie said...

I like your honesty. You will do just fine. Good for you. Cardio & Water.

Alianinna said...

Weight Watchers is best for weight loss packages and plans.

Fratzels said...

It seems that I have sparked some interest! I only ever have 1-2 comments.

I can say that today is weigh in day and I have lost 4 pounds this week. Am very proud.

Based on all this support, I look forward to writing all about my journey every Wednesday!

Becki - there are some really great sites out there that will give you all the WW info you need without charge. The only I really like is journaltosuccess.com. It is a message board with tons of great tips and explains how the points system actually works. If you are really interested, I have an extra points finder I can send to you when I mail the dvd this weekend.

Rebecca said...

I will check out the website. I have always thought that WW would be very expensive to try out, but free info is great. I would love the point finder if you can spare it - I am at the point where I will try anything I can to get some weight off and if WW will work then I am all for it!

Thank you again for that and the DVD :) ((HUGS))

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