Have you seen the jewelry commercial were the husband pops out of bed to get a beautiful diamond pendant for his wife? He climbs back in bed, puts it around her neck, then pretends to be sleeping. She wakes like a second later to find the surprise necklace and gets a huge smile because she has a husband who not only buys her diamonds, but one that gives them to her in a thoughtful and romantic way.

This commerical made me sick. This commercial had to have been created in the mind of a female ad exec. In my world these things do not happen. In my friends' worlds these things do not happen, unless they have been holding out on me and not telling me because of the lack of romantic gestures in my life.

I was living my life just fine, annoyed satisfied with my hub's (who fully admits that he used to buy me flowers for no reason, but now doesn't think of it) love language of Acts of Service, then WHAM-O! V, (a friend of mine, fiance to Metro and Wednesday Night Dinner participant) sent this to me in an email. No kidding, this really is a true story. Romance really does exist. It's not just something made up in the imagination of women.

O.k. so can I just tell you I have the most romantic fiancée ever in this whole world! First of all I was watching the last episodes of the Bachelorette waiting for Metro to get home last night from the golf tournament. Those episodes are all about romance b/c they go on exotic dates etc…. Naturally I am like, "man it would be nice to feel like that again." Not that I am not in love, but sometimes things get kind of stale/boring with everyday routines.

Well Metro gets home with flowers, which was so sweet. Then he tells me to get my shoes on he is taking me somewhere. So he takes me up to the top of where the gravel pit is which is one of the highest points in town and pulls out a bottle of wine where we proceed to watch the sunset over the mountains on this mass of rock. I mean seriously….The bachelorette has nothing on my fiancée.

After I puked in my hand said my ohhs and ahhs and told her how nice that was, I called the Hubs. He works with Metro and they happened to be having lunch. I told him to ask Metro what he did last night and why he was trying to make the rest of the men in their circle look bad.

Of course, without even knowing what Metro did, the Hubs just laughed. You see, that's my man. Fully willing to embrace what he isn't and not willing to apologize for it. Despite all of that, I love him with all that I am even when I do believe that a romantic gesture on occasion wouldn't kill him.

5 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

You know, my Hubs used to be romantic too...what happened to these men??????

Rebecca said...

LOL! I was just thinking that your friend will one day be asking the same question!!! LMBO!!!!!!

Burg said...

My hubs was never that romantic.. I guess it's too late for me to be disappointed now!! LOL!

BTW, I need some pointers on an easy frosting border.. I'm going to attempt to make the cake for my daughter's birthday party this Sunday.. Any pointers, things you normally use, anything at all that you can help me with would be MUCH appreciated!!!

Queen of the Mayhem said...


I feel this way when I try to remind my husband that there is more to seduction than a boob grab!


These men are lucky we love them!

Donna said...

notice it is her fiancee....need I say more. Why is it that the day to day of marriage, bills, kids gets in the way of husband is sweet and loving. Romantic? well he used to be before we where both so dang tired!Funny/sad...LOL

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