Block Party Fun

On Saturday we went to a block party. This is the second year our neighbors have hosted it. It's great to get together with people that you wave to on a regular basis, but never have a chance to chat with.
Little Man played with the little boy from down the street. The wagon was a big hit. He had a blast!

Ladybug came with a swing and slept through a good majority of the party. She was awake long enough to get oohs and ahhs, which always makes me happy. I even got a, "Wow, you had a baby since the last party."

The party was big enough to warrant a porta potty. Why the pic of the urinal? Well because you need to know what happened when I sent the hubs to the bathroom with Little Man. All was going well; things were happening. As the hubs was pulling Little Man's pants up, Little Man reached right into the urinal and grabbed that little white disk and asked, "What's this, Daddy?" YES HE DID!

I'm not sure if it's because I have become more laid back or if it was the 3 pina coladas I had already had, but my reaction was uproarious laughter. After I pulled myself together, I sanitized the heck out of his hands.

2 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...


Kids are so innocent and unaware of the gross fatcor! LOL!!!!

You know, I think I have only talked to one neighbor on my street - a block party would be fun, I don't know anyone!

DesignHER Momma said...

great story. thanks for making me want to dry heave.

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