Flashback Friday - 6th Grade

It was 1984-1985 school year. I was 11 years old. I went to Sespe Elementary School. My teacher was Mrs. Arguellis. I thought, as I did with all my teachers, that she hung the moon and stars. She was probably one of the reasons I started my adult life with a career in teaching, where I thought I would remain (things change).

I was obsessed with Michael Jackson, who had the album of the year in 1984! I was so obsessed with him that I wore a huge button with his photo on it. Do you remember those buttons?

I also loved Madonna, she was in the beginning of her career. When her video, Like a Virgin Video, debuted on MTV, I was waiting by the tv for it to start. I remember that my parents were sitting there with me. What must they have been thinking of this song and video? I am sure they were horrified, as I would be with my own daughter. In true Madonna fashion, I wore black jelly bracelets, mini-skirts and big bows in my hair. I also donned all sorts of obnoxiously large earrings of the brightly colored plastic variety.

Ronald Reagan was elected for his 2nd term in office. He was my childhood president. I adored him then and now think of him as the best president of my time. I asked my Dad once who he thought of as the best president of his time. He also said Reagan. He made such an impact on me that I now have a child that shares his surname.

6 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

oh my goodness, I so remember the big buttons for everyone - I have them all over my acid wash jean jacket! LOL!!! And the bigger the earrings the better - and an armfull of jelly bracelets!!! LOL!!!! This is so much fun!

Rebecca said...

I have - I meant I had...I don't stil have that jacket - I promise!! LOL!!!!

Melly said...

Oh, I loved Madonna that year, too. Although I was much more into Duran Duran. ;) Jellys, Bangles, and bright earings. Yep! Loved '80s fashion!

Burg said...

I put all my big buttons on my jean jacket.. LOL!

Burg said...

Oh, and I don't have mine anymore either..

queenoftheclick said...

Oh yes, Madonna and her song Like a Virgin. I was naive and had no idea what the word virgin meant. I sang that song at the top of my lungs and danced like I knew what it was. It didn't matter to me what the word meant, I just thought I was cool for knowing all of the words.

Why did you leave teaching?

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