Strawberry Basil Martini

One of our Wednesday Night Dinner guests, Metro, brought all the fixings to make this lovely little concoction on a recent Wednesday night. It was simply fabulous! If you're in the mood for something fun, funky and little saucy...then give it a try!

Fresh Strawberries
Fresh Basil Leaves

Make a simple syrup (boil 1 cup water with 1 cup sugar) and let cool.
Smash together the strawberries and basil until both are completely incorporated.
Mix together simple syrup, strawberry and basil mixture, vodka and ice in a martini shaker. Shake vigorously and serve.

I don't know the measurements of each, I was only a watcher. I suspect you can make it to your liking. In order for me to drink a martini, I need more of the "other" ingredients than I need vodka, so I would make this with more simply syrup and strawberry mixture.

6 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

This sounds like a good breakfast martini - now, don't think I am weird! You know, people have bloody mary's at 9am too! (not me, but I have heard!) LOL!!!!

Fratzels said...

You bring up a good point. If it is acceptable to drink a bloody mary in the morning, then a martini should be up for grabs too.

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I like just about ANYTHING that ends in martini! :)

One Teacher's Journey said...

YUM!!! I might just have to try this drink! Althought the basil threw me for a loop there! But I will trust your judgement!

Burg said...

I love basil.. I'd have never pictured it in a martini, but hey, I'm always up for something new!

DesignerHER Momma said...

I actually have everything in the house for this.....and it's Friday! might just be daring enough to try this. thanks!

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