Flashback Friday - First Job

Today we are taking you back to your first real job. Not the babysitting gig, but the first real tax paying job.

Just like Blog Mom my first job was at McDonald’s. It was a brand new, sparkly and shiny! Our little town had one other fast food joint, Taco Bell, so it was pretty exciting for everyone in the town that the golden arches decided to set up shop.

1989. It was the summer between my sophomore and junior years of high school. My parents would not allow me to work during the school year of my junior year, so I went into it knowing it was only a summer gig. Unlike Blog Mom, I did almost everything at Mickey D’s. The only thing I was not allowed to do (thank goodness) was cook the hamburgers. You had to be 16 to do that. That didn’t stop me from manning the french fry vats. That was the most disgusting job there. It was hot, stinky and greasy – yuck! My favorite job was doing the drive-thru. We had to say, “Welcome to McDonald’s. This is Chrissy. May I take your order?” It was a little humiliating for me to say all of that, but I got over it with the realization that it was the sweetest job there.

I learned that those little silver number tags they put on the burger warming trays signified when, on the clock, they had to toss the burgers. For years I requested a fresh burger when I saw the number was getting close to the burgers needing to be tossed. I haven’t seen them use that system in quite some time, so they must have done away with it.

I was a pretty fast worker, as was everyone there. We prided ourselves on speedy and friendly service. The owner was really strict about it. Now when I go into our local Mickey D’s in my new hometown in NH and see them working at a snail’s pace, I get so darn angry – HELLOOOOOO! This is fast food, pick it up and put on a smile!

Because I was 15, I had to walk to work in my gray pants, gray shirt and gray visor. The walk wasn’t too bad. We always had to wear our hair pulled back, so it was that summer that I learned how to french braid my own hair. I taught myself and it is still a skill I pride myself in, so thank you McDonald’s!

The only thing I can remember buying with my new found wealth was a suede blazer from The Limited. Oh how I loved that blazer. It was my prize possession for awhile. I’m sure there were other things I bought with the pennies I made, but nothing else stands out in my mind.

All in all, it wasn’t a bad first job. My second job, now that was a sweet job that I loved, but that’s a story for another time.

2 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

I so wish my McD's experience had been this good...I hear ya on the fries though - that was just a nasty job!

Happy Friday!

Burg said...

Every time I go to the drive-thru at McD's now, I can't understand the barely English speaker who works the window.. I have to ask them to repeat my order at least twice. I've thought of asking the manager how come they put what has to be the most unintelligible employee on the drive-thru, but I like my food without spit.

I just remembered that one of the first things I bought was a suede coat.. I didn't really ever wear it though. I shoved it in the hatchback of my car where it got gross and faded from an emerald color to a putrid limish green. Sad, really.

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