Rude Behavior

I work in Human Resources, so I try not to blog about work. If I do, it's not never anything bad or it is just plain vague. It's better that way; I'd really rather not lose my job. However, today I am going to post about work. It's still vague and it has nothing to do with work, really.

Today I am working in a different office and something happened to me that has annoyed me to no end. I got here at 8:00am. I happily put my well packed and thought out lunch in the fridge and freezer. At noon I began cooking my lunch; I opened the fridge to get my yogurt (which, by the way, was not a cheap store brand yogurt, but fiber one brand) and it wasn't there. I scooted things around in search of it, but had no luck. I glanced into the trash can and there was the empty container that once held the yogurt that I desired for lunch. Some devil annoying co-worker decided to eat my yogurt!

What the hell? Who does that? Who opens a community fridge and thinks, "You know, that's not mine. I didn't bring it. It sure looks good, though. Oh, and it's got a ton of fiber in it to boot. Yeah, I'm going to eat that!" Seriously!!! Who does that??? What would they have done if I had walked in and seen them eating my yogurt?

I asked a co-worker who works in this location on a regular basis about it. She says it happens all the time. Even when you mark your food, people take it. WTF??? How can that be? Do I really work with a person(s) that could be that rude and inconsiderate?

5 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

That is so obnoxious!!!! People never cease to amaze me with thei behabvior!

Hubs works with a guy who does thinsg like this...oh, and here is one thing he does that is just gross - say they get donuts brought to them in the morning, this guy will go through and break them all (ALL) apart and take little bites off each and every one - of course no one elwse will eat them then so he snacks on them by himself all day long!

Hopefully you are back to your office soon with people who aren't as rude.

Rebecca said...

wow, that was horrible typing! Sorry!

Fratzels said...

No problem. I usually have three times as many typos in my posts and comments!

Heather said...

You are too funny! Have you located the perp?? Hmm...could you put it in a paper bag in the frige?? You could even write on the outside of the bag!

"This is Chrissy's lunch! Do not touch, eat, examine, molest, inhale, or digest any contents in this bag"

Twinkle Mom @ Sunflower Faith said...

Hmmm...When I was working, there was a tale of how a co-worker would stop people from touching their lunch by writing something that well...let's just say it work. It work too well. LOL.

Sorry to hear that happen..that was just plain rude without question.

Maybe find something that is deep enough to hide it in and bring it in to work disguise as I don't know..spinach dip?

Maybe make a show of licking all over the yogurt where everyone can see you and...okay...that might earn you a weird reputation as that lady that licks the side of yogurt.

Hmmm...Invest in poison stickers and slapping it on the side of the yogurt before putting it in the fridge or maybe a bio-hazard sticker?

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