Sleepless Night

Ladybug started sleeping on her stomach last week. It started with her side. I went in to check on her before going to bed, and I found her on her side. I knew that she'd be on her belly before the night was through. The pediatricians these days have us all paranoid about letting babies sleep on their tummies, so the sleep I got was not restful at all. All I could do was think about her and hope that she didn't smother herself. It's a sad and terrible thought the experts have placed in our heads.

I wonder how the experts will tell our children to put their own kids to bed? It might be back to the belly by then. Who knows - it seems to change on a regular basis. I suppose what it comes down to is everyone needs to do what works for them.

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Designher Momma said...

I think if she is strong enough to roll on her tummy herself she is probably ok, and you cannot be there and awake every minute of when she sleeps.

But do be carefully, my best friend lost her little boy when he was 4 months old, and he was sleeping on his belly at the time. She was laying him down that way, he definitely was not strong enough to roll that way on his own.

Rebecca said...

You are absolutely right that everyone needs to do what works for them.

My kids were stomach sleepers - it was the only way they would sleep longer than 5 minutes.

My niece is a side sleeper.

The paranoia is over done - SIDS will happen to whomever God allows it to happen to and it won't matter which position the baby was in...

Ladybug looks comfy cozy right there and I bet whe is just happy to sleep in whatever way makes her feel squishiest ;)

If it does worry you lots (and don't worry!!! You need rest!) you can always get one of those guards that keeps them on their sides...

Queen of the Mayhem said...

I'm with DM....I think if she is old enough to turn over...she should be fine!

Don't you just love it....another thing to worry about!

Burg said...

I used to turn Doodle back over I was so paranoid!

A friend of mine couldn't believe I still used a bumper pad. Evidently they don't use them in England, where she lived for a while, which with this friend, it made her an expert. Docs here say to use them to keep the babies from getting their limbs stuck.

I'm with Beckster.. Put her in God's hands.. Besides, they have no real idea what causes SIDS and it could have nothing at all to do with sleep positioning.. That's all it ever was when we were kids and we're all just fine. She'll do just fine too!

Heather said...

ok..first of all..I just wanna grab her up and snuggle with her! My goodness! I better make a trip your way! I see her and have baby urges! And that is just NOT OK! So, I better get my fix from you! haha!!

You know...there is always "something" we as parents get to worry about! Your blog buddies have all told ya the truth...1.) if she is turning over on her own, she is strong enough to move her neck to breath! 2.) She belongs to God! And you will have her for the time He designates! And, we, as humans, have no say in that.
Those words are to help you...not scare you. God has her! Rest in that! Tomorrow has enough worries of its own!

Terria said...

I am with the rest of the ladies here if she is strong enough to roll then she will be fine. I can relate to the no sleep I am 8mths now and I love to sleep on my tummy so I am having the most hardest time sleeping lately.

Trenches of Mommyhood said...

All 3 of my boyz were belly sleepers. Once they're strong enough to lift their heads or roll over, like your daughter, then there shouldn't be anything to worry about.

Do what works best for YOU!

Fratzels said...

I have decided not to worry about it. She is rolling both ways now, so I know she is strong enough.

I keep the bumper pad on b/c otherwise her little head would be mashed up against the railing of the crib!

Perhaps relying more on motherly instinct than on what the "professionals" say would be more beneficial to all of us. said...

Hello ! New here, just found your blog -- I love it.

As for babies sleeping on their bellies, yes the Docs have really freaked us out about that. Way too much paranoia...

I have read the chance of SIDS lessens as they get older. I also know that if the baby has a pacifier, they are "safer" because it supposedly keeps their airway open because of the constant suckling motion. But I agree, SIDS will happen when and if its in God's plan.

I'm a the point now (since she rarely sleeps through) that if she's sleeping, I leave her alone! I trust the Lord will watch over her.

Have a great day,

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