Toilets, Buckets and Theme Parks Oh My!

It has been insane at the Cali Girl house. I got up Thursday morning to feed Ladybug only to have her throw it all up. She went back to bed for an hour and woke with that distinctly "sick" smelling pooh. Great. I chose to ignore it.

I got a call from daycare at 8:55am Thursday morning about Little Man. He had been complaining about his stomach and was saying he was going to throw up. Wonderful. I picked them both up and assumed he was faking it because he know Ladybug threw up that morning and was just "talking" about it.

Boy was I wrong. Thank goodness for the puke bucket I keep in the car. He started puking just as we turned onto our street. I got him all cleaned up and the bucket all cleaned, layed him on the couch, covered him with a blanket where he rested for a couple of hours.

There was only one episode of vomiting, thank goodness. He continued, however, to have the stomach bug afflict his derryaire until Monday! Ladybug was better by Thursday afternoon.

Friday I started to feel crummy. I woke at 2:30am Saturday morning with that same bug. Yechhhhh! We had plans to go to Storyland and stay the night Saturday night. I couldn't cancel and crush Little Man, so off we treked. We both made it through, and had a good time. Neither Little Man or myself ate anything but a few crackers the whole trip (note to self: stomach bug excellent diet aide when going to a fat ladden theme park).

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