Broken Collar Bone?

So I got a call from daycare today. Little Man and another kid collided while racing trucks around the playground. He began complaining of shoulder pain from the time it happened. I got the call a couple of hours after the fact. I went to daycare to check him out. He had full range of motion at the time and his collar bone didn't feel tender to the touch to him. I gave him some tylenol and went back to work while he took a nap. I got a call 2 hours later. He couldn't get off his mat from nap time. I got him immediately and took him to the doctor. He wouldn't let the doctor get anywhere near him. He cried in agony during the exam and shrieked out during one particular part where the doctor fully extended his arm. Little Man and me were both in tears at that point.

They sent us for x-rays, which didn't happen until after 5. I snuck a peek at the x-rays b/c little man wanted to see where the lady was disappearing to. I am not an expert, but it looks a little bent to me. I didn't get close enough to it to see an actual break, but it didn't look good to me. Because it was after 5, we will have to wait until tomorrow for results.

He had motrin at 4:30, more tylenol at 7:30 and more motrin at 9:30. By 9:45 I was on the phone with the on-call pediatrician who told me there was nothing else I could do. It's very, very heart-wrenching to hear your little one scream out in pain and agony and know there is nothing you can do to make it better.

He can't get comfortable. He can't put pressure on his left arm at all. When he tries to adjust his body to get into a comfortable sleeping position, he screams. At the present moment my little man is propped up on pillows and trying to sleep sitting up. If the last hour is any indication, it's going to be a long night.

He reached out for me, on impulse, at one point and started crying and say "owe, Mommy. Owe." It's difficult for any of us to control bodily impulses, but for a 3 year old who doesn't understand it's even more difficult.

During a calm conversation about 15 minutes ago:
he said: "Momma, how we gonna make this boo-boo better?"
I said: "I don't know. It's going to take a lot of sleep and rest."
Hubs said: "When you get some sleep, Jesus will be able to help make it better."

I may have to take a day off tomorrow. I feel incredibly guilty about that because I am supposed to be working from home one day a week. When life happens and I have to take other days, I feel like my attendance at work will be judged poorly. On top of all of that, my boss is on vacation so I am the only HR person. The agency will not fall down and crumble because HR isn't there, but I don't feel good about it at all.

My heartache and frustration has be in tears. Oh why can't we take the pain away from our children?

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Jessica said...

Poor Little Man. I sure hope he (and you) can get some rest tonight. I hate seeing kids in pain. It is so hard for them to understand. I understand your conflict with work and home as well. I always feel like people complain about me taking time off from work for Hoss' appts, etc. I don't know if they actually are, but I guess it's guilt. I feel guilty that I can't be able to freely take Hoss places and I feel guilty for leaving work. It's tough.

jamie freitas said...

aw- poor little guy!!!! send soft hugs (good big ones will come later- they'll hurt now)! I just asked john if he had broken his when he had an accident while instructing snow boarding many winters ago at Okemo... his response "i think its broken now- its sore" - SEE WHAT I HAVE TO DEAL W/???!

huge hugs to you all--- when we see you next i'll tell you a story that will make all your guilt go away, and go directly to my parents- you'll laugh!! love & hugs... wish i could do something!

BlogMom said...

Oh my gosh! Poor Little Man! And you!!! Any results yet? I hope he's ok!

Fratzels said...

The doc called and said the results were a "deformity of the clavicle," which will show as a break a week from now.
There's not a lot they can do about it other than keep up with the tylenol and motrin and use a splint to immobilize his arm.
He's at daycare and doing okay, so hopefully the pain is more tolerable today.

Thanks for your kind words!

BlogMom said...

Oh wow, big super hugs going out to Little Man! Hopefully he mends quickly.


Anonymous said...

Wow...things like that can happen so fast, without warning! Poor guy. I hope you have a good night tonight and don't EVER feel guilty about being with your family!!!

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