Commentary from the Sticker Gallery

We got the Disney Movie Club mailing this week. They always send a sheet of stickers in the mailing, so Little Man ends up with them. This morning he was offering the hubs and me stickers. Here's the conversation:

Little Man: "Daddy, what sticker you want?"
Hubs: "Donald Duck"
Little Man: "Okay, Dad. Here you go."
Little Man: "Momma, what stick you want?"
Me: Always trying to teach language and perform reflective listening, "What sticker do I want? I'll take Daisy Duck."
Little Man: "Okay, Momma. Here you go."
Hubs: "Daisy Duke; yeah!"
Me: "Ughhhhh!"
Little Man: "No. Dad. Daisy. Duck."
Hubs: "Mommy's my Daisy Duke."
Me: "And Daddy's my Boss Hog."

4 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

LOL!!! You're funny!

Man, I have a huge stack on DMC stickers!

Heather said...

That's a classic! You are too quick on your feet! :-)

Rebecca said...

I got you a button! Will send it out pronto! ((HUGS))

Fratzels said...

You rock!!! Thanks.

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