It's Giveaway Time at Blog Mommas!

The Queen Momma at is doing another fantastic giveaway! Up for grabs is the Crayola Digital Camera Scrapbooking Kit! It's an amazing kit perfect for kids 4-8! Check out all the great features!!! A camera for the "just starting out" sect, scissors, fancy paper, stickers, glue, an EZ Type Keyboard for clumsy fingers, and so much more ...amazing!!!

I don't scrapbook, and I feel guilty about it. I feel guilty when I go to friends' houses and see their beautiful works of art (because let's face it: they are art), and then I slip my pictures into a typical photo album without note or comment. It's kinda sad really. My Mom does digital scrapbooks and loves it! She has such a fun time putting them together. With this kit, Little Man could start his own scrapbooks and ease some of my guilt!

Little Man has become quite the photographer recently. Every time he sees me pick up the camera, he insists on taking pictures of his own. He loves to do it! He likes it so much that I asked my Mom to get him his own camera for Christmas - a junior digital camera. A perfect gift for him.

What makes this kit excellent for Little Man is that it will help him develop his passion for photography and it includes things he loves - markers, scissors for cutting paper (a huge pass time in our house), glue for gluing that paper, stickers, a keyboard made just for him, and a reason to be at the computer (which he loves and begs to use). What makes it perfect for me is that it will help ease some of my scrapbooking guilt and will make it easy to teach Little Man how to use a keyboard and computer.

To win this phenomenal giveaway, visit Blog Mommas, write your own post about the giveaway, then leave a comment on the blog. While your at Blog Mommas, stick around awhile. It's great blog!

Blog Mommas

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What a great post! You are officialy entered.


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Well....I entered too! My first fun!!!

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