Heart Melting

Prior to heading out the door last week, Little Man and Ladybug were sitting on the couch. Ladybug leaned over to Little Man and started snuggling him (as best as she can for 7 months). Little Man hugged her back and said to me whilst hugging her, "I'm going to love her forever."

My heart melted and I got tears in my eyes. How sweet is that? It's these little moments that make all the stressful times of parenting worth it. To see that my children love each other so much already is just wonderful.

Tomorrow, when I am flipping out because Little Man is repeatedly tapping his fork loudly at the dinner table, I will try to remember how big his heart is and how full of love he is.

3 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Designher Momma said...

great idea to write a post about it. This way, when he says something really hurtful, you can go back to this post just to remember the sweet times....

love little things like this.

Donna said...

that is so so sweet...good thing they show their oh so sweet side right before they do something annoying
Happens alot around my house!
Hope you're doing well!

Heather said...

What a precious moment to treasure! I know it would be for me....because all my kids do right now is FIGHT! I have prided myself for years on never using the word shut up! Well...this year...that went out the window! I have yelled it a few times at my two younger girls. It does have a huge impact because they know mom is on the edge because she never uses that word! haha!

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