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The holidays are quickly approaching. I was browsing Etsy in search of the perfect gifts for my list for several reasons. I like the idea of a handmade creation. I like the idea of supporting a mom who stays home and uses Esty to supplement her income. I like the idea of using paypal to pay instead of my credit card (which I am really trying to avoid). And, last but not least, I need to ship things anyway, so why not shop at esty instead of going to a store and facing the crowds.

When considering gifts for the holiday season, take a look at Etsy. You'll like what you see! Below are just a few thigns that I think are fab. I may have even found something for my Mom (which I won't post b/c she reads my blog on occasion).

Take this scarf for instance. I love scarves. I wear scarves everyday in the winter. Who in New England doesn't need a new scarf every-now-and-again?

Or this pendant. I can't even begin to guess how she makes these, but they are wonderful. I really should learn to do these things myself.

And bags...I could spend many hours searching through the bags on esty. This one is fantastic!

Of course this one's pretty great too. Seriously...if I could make something like this, I could make gifts for so many people for so little money!

And this pillow is also great. I might, might be able to pull this one off if I bought the pillow. How hard could it be to add buttons (probably pretty hard). Better to save myself the stress and put it on a wishlist or buy it for someone else!

Another place you can save money this year is checking out the Lowes Coupon available to folks that are moving.

5 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

Those are some awesome finds! I am totally checking out Etsy!!

Geekmom said...

I have to stay away from Etsy during the holidays lol too many wonderful things to buy.

Love that Spirograph tote bag. I remember when I was a kid I had a Spirograph and used to decorate my notebooks for school with them. Flashback! Thanks for sharing :)

Prudence said...

Beautiful stuff! I love the name of your blog. I am originally from Jersey, which is where my heart will always be. Thanks SO much for stopping by my blog!! I will definitely be back!!

Jessica said...

I like Etsy too. Those bags are awesome! I need to do some etsy surfing. :)

Blessed Nest said...

I love Etsy! Love supporting women in business...shopping at Etsy this xmas a bit

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