When it Rains it Pours

Medically speaking the Cali Girl house has been in shambles. It started with my trip to the ER a few weeks ago. I didn't write about it, b/c I just didn't see the need to expose that much of myself. For the sake of what has been going on, I will share that I was having abdominal cramps so bad for 7 hours that I would swear that a baby was about to be born. This was not the case. In fact, my labs all came back normal. What was it? Who knows, but my next step was the lady doctor for an endometriosis screening.

Then you all know Little Man had a run in with another boy and broke his collar bone. Which, by the way, is healing nicely. He has become accustomed to having his left hand tied to his waist with an ace bandage. He has an appointment next week for a re-check. I pray that it's healed and his arm can be free to cause mischief.

Then came the other biggie last week. The hubs spent his Wednesday afternoon golfing (it's a tough life, I know). I got a phone call about 5 minutes before I was leaving work.
Me: Hello, this is Cali Girl.
Hubs: Hey. I think I need to go to the Emergency Room
Me: What? What'swrong?Whathappened?Areyouokay?
Hubs: I popped my ankle.
Me: What does that mean?
Hubs: I popped my ankle.
Me: Is it worth a $100 trip to the ER or can we wrap it in an ace bandage?
Hubs: I need to go to the ER.
Me: Okay. I'm on my way home.

Turns out he really did a number on his ankle. All the tendons in the ankle pretty much exploded. From what the doctor said it is worse than breaking your ankle. Awesome! 8-10 weeks of healing for that little round of dangerous golf.

And for your visual pleasure:

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Rebecca said...

Ouch! That make me hurt looking at it!

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