This Cali Girl has always been afraid of icicles. Where I grew up, we didn't have them. I moved to New England and you can't escape them or the fact that they must come down at some point. My biggest fear is that one is going to fall on my head.

Well, guess what! My fear came to life yesterday. An icicle fell on my head as I went out a door, which is used very little, at work. An icicle, that was hanging down past the door, was hit by the door when I opened it and dropped right on my head as I went through. It friggin hurt. Then I had the weird sensation of liquid running down my head. For a brief moment I wondered if it was blood.

2 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Anonymous said...

It never occured to me to be afraid of crashing icicles. Then again, if we have icicles, they are generally small and pretty and melt within a day or two.

I hope your head's okay. And I hope you don't have to resort to wearing a helmet. LOL! :o)

MelADramatic Mommy said...

Oh no! Hope you're alright.

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