My Goal

This dress is my goal. In case I have said it here, I am going to the Grand Cayman in May for a wedding and vacation. We haven't been on a real vacation since our honeymoon in 2000. We need a vacation and I need this dress. It's a $139 dress marked down to $36.99. How can I not have this dress??? It would be perfect for the wedding and a night out whilst vacationing.

The problem? What size do I order? Clearly, based on the price it is from last season. Right now they have all the possible sizes I could need, but at a price like that and with spring rapidly approaching, I fear others will find this deal irresistible, thereby leaving me without what I desperately want. Do I order what I want to wear? Do I order what I am wearing now? OYE!!! It's just too hard to decide. A friend, who is very practical and financially savy (who also needs a blog alias name), has advised me to buy 2 sizes, wait 25 days, try both on, send the one back that is too big within the 30 day return policy. Do I do that now or wait until mid-March to do that? The fact of the matter is that I have lost 10 pounds since the first of the year and I am working my arse off to lose another 20 by May 1. Can I count on what fits me mid March to fit me a month and a half later?

The next arms. The flab on my arms that keeps waving when I stop. The flab that never sees the light of day because it is horrendous. The flab that no matter how much weight I lose never seems to go away. Aside from cutting it off, how can I get rid of it??? Does anyone have the answer? If you do, I beg you to delurk yourself this one time and tell me....please!

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Rebecca said...

Tackle arm flab with strength training for your arms (in other words, weights). Start at 5 pounds and do reps of 10. There are various exercises you can do - just google for pictures.

As for the dress, I have a goal dress too and it is already hanging in my closet in a size two sizes smaller than what I wear. I'm all for the challenge. :)

Devon said...

This is all tricky stuff. I have to agree with your savy friend. Buy two - take one back. As for the extra arm flab. It's not fair that you can spend years lifting your child up and down and still have any flab left? Not fair.

Heather said...

First of all...cute dress! It is flirty and fun!!

Secondly, smart idea about buying two. Keep this in mind...10 pounds is one size. So if you are planning another 20 by your deadline...that is two sizes smaller than you are now!

As for the arms...they are a curse that God has given me as well!! GRRR! As for me...I have a little sweater in every color! I always wear one to cover my arms. Ya know the high waisted sweaters??? That way you can still see your cute arse figure! :-)

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