Stand in the Place that You Are...

Ladybug took it upon herself to stand alone last night - in the bathtub of all places. She was holding onto my hand with one hand and holding a towel in the other. She let go of my hand, understood what she was doing, then looked at me and the hubs (rare family occurrence that we would both be there enjoying bath time) with a look like..." you see this people," then she promptly sat. But she did it for about 10 seconds. It was exciting, but it also came with the knowledge that she was gonna be off and running shortly.

I warned Little Man that he had better watch out; Ladybug has been keeping a list of all the rotten things you have done (throwing a block at her head and making her bleed, dropping your geotrax airport on her head, smacking her in the eye even though you didn't mean to, stepping on her hands, ripping toys out of her hands, etc), and she's gonna get you back for each of them. Little Man was not impressed with this new turn of events and the laundry lists of injuries inflicted upon his sister.

1 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

So exciting!!!! And she is absolutely adorable!

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