I know the political season is over. I tried to stop talking about it. I can't help myself today because my butt feels burned.

It would seem that our new president is formulating a plan to bail out people who are at risk for foreclosure on their home. President Obama has dropped the annual income range to eliminate me (he's moved me to the upper class), which seems so odd to me since my pocket book doesn't feel out of the middle class (and it certainly doesn't feel like Channel pocket book of a Real Housewive of Manhattan or Orange County or Atlanta), so I am not eligible for any tax breaks. Okay - I knew that was going to happen. When his number dropped a few times, from $250K, right before the election I knew we were going to be out and it would drop to less than $75K.

His new bailout is my new beef. Why am I busting my bum at work? Why did I even go back to work? Should I quit and let my family become threatened by foreclosure just so we can be bailed out and enjoy our lovely home on hardworking Americans? No! You know why? It's not in me personality to do that. We built a house that was more expensive than we could afford on one salary, so I went back to work. Simple. I am doing what I can to make it work and to help us pay our own way. We found a way to live within our means. Sure, we built outside of it, but we fixed the problem ourselves. There is no way in this world that I would ever let someone bail me out like that - no, not at the expense of my fellow hard working Americans.

What would happen to this country if other families like mine decided "to hell with it" and just quit working to accept the fine free benefits being offered? I know what would happen...the system would fall apart b/c our tax dollars wouldn't be there to support the "freebie" system.

I feel us becoming more and more socialistic all the time.

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Devon said...

Oh my goodness, this burns my butt to the max!
So, because i am responsible and bought a house i could afford and pay my bills on time - i get no bail out? Mind you, i dont need a bail out but give me a break. Whatever happened to living with your own mistakes? I shouldve bought a $400,000.00 home if i knew the USA would pay my rent. Whatever. Maybe my tax dollars can go toward a simple math and money education class for the 40million people needing a bail out.

Rebecca said...

I left you a comment last night... now it is gone... did I upset you or is it a Blogger blurb? I'm guess a Blogger Blurb because I was in total agreement with you... werid Blogger

Angela (Divapalooza) said...

The political season never ends, didn't you know? :-)

Anonymous said...

What about those of us who have lost our jobs, should we loose our homes too? Or those who were pressured by the real estate agent and the mortgage broker into homes and loans that weren't within our true "price" range? Most everyone who is in foreclosure doesn't want to be and never expected anyone to bail them out later.

Elisabeth Black said...

Ahhhhhhhhh, I feel ya. Sadly we were in his "rich" bracket long before he dropped it, however we live in New Jersey (State Motto: Overtaxed, Alternate State Motto: Everything is more expensive here, and you gotta pay to get out) and we are raising 4 (count 'em) 4 kids. I've got my last one in Kindergarten and am about to end 17solid years of day care!

And yet, we purchased a "fixer upper" so we could afford it on one salary (in case the unthinkable happened, like one of us lost their job). And we've been fixing her up for 7 years.

Anywho, I feel ya, and I'm adding you to my follow! :)


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