How in the world, blogging universe, do you get a 3-year-old to stop the most disgusting and foul behavior you can think of? He's putting his fingers in a place where no fingers belong, and I am not talking about his nose people. Do they have books on this matter? I need a book. Do I need a parenting book or a picture book that says, "Don't stick your fingers there?" Quite frankly, I don't want to see a picture book like that and I'm pretty sure such book wouldn't be publishable.

I took my "no! That's foul and disgusting!" to a whole 'nother level this week when I saw it happen in the bathtub. I asked him what he would do if he knew his friends at school did that. Would he play with them? What would he do if they started calling him names based on his disgusting digging? What if I asked him not to touch me anymore because of it?

I don't know if I made an impression, but I am fully grossed out and don't know where to go. Help - has this happened to you? Am I alone in this foul behavior?

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Designher Momma said...

note sure what I would do either, but I do know I would invest in some serious hand sanitizer! gah.

Jessica said...

YES! This happens with my three year old also. I think in our case it is because at times he has a little bit of a rash or redness in that area. I apply a little diaper rash and it stops for a while. Maybe that's all it is?

Fratzels said...

Yeah - I scrubbed the heck out of his hands several times today. I am one step away from breaking out the can of Lysol and spraying every square inch of my house.

Does that mean it's not just my kid? Cause I was getting nervous! He has told me that his bum hurts, so I do think it's because he doesn't wipe until it's clean at daycare. How can I get him to do that when he's not home?

The daycare teacher told me this afternoon that she sees it a lot. She thinks it's "comforting." ....UMMMMMMM....What? Comforting? No! How can that be comforting? Again, I stand by the title of my post, yuck!

Rebecca said...

Bug has done this before and I told him that it was gross and bug kids didn't do that. I also told him that it was "baby behavior" and if he wanted to "be a baby then I would put him back in diapers" That solved that. The thought of going back in diapers gets him to stop anything right now - which is hilarious considering how long it took me to get him out of diapers! LOL!!

Rest easy, Chrissy, it's just a phase. All kids have to experiment and see what's what - especially with body openings.

You wouldn't believe the things Bean will try/say/do - yikes! LOL!!!

Devon said...

Thank you for the heads up about little boys finding their "economic stimulus hole".
Maybe now that he's found it - he can leave it alone. The bright side of the story is that it happened in the bathtub.

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