Owe! Owe! Owe!

Little Man has reached the phase where he says, "Owe!" over and over again until some responds with, "Are you okay?" or "What happened?" Some might find this phase endearing; I find it annoying. Seriously - a minor trip or a small bump to the leg does not require my mommy medical attention. My mommy medical attention, however is what he gets...simply to save my sanity, I respond after hearing "owe!" 3 - 4 times.

Yesterday morning I was in the kitchen at 6am preparing my lunch, my bag and the daycare bags before heading up to get the kids. I mistakenly left the monitors on overnight, so I heard a sleepy "Owe." "Owe." "Owe." "Owe." "Owe." "Owe." then an annoyed "Owe." "Owe." "Owe." "Owe." "Owe." "Owe."

I knew that I needed to make my move or he would just keep going for the next 15 minutes. I went upstairs and this is how the conversation went:

Me: What's the matter buddy?
Little Man: That wall hit me in the face.
Me: Are you okay?
Little Man: Yeah, but the wall just hit me in the face.
Me: That stinky wall. Can you go back to sleep for a few minutes?
Little Man: Yeah.

Fast forward and hour and we are at Daycare. Here was the conversation that took place there as we walked in the door.

Little Man: Miss Cathi. The wall hit me in the face this morning.
Miss Cathy: Why'd the wall go and do that?
Little Man: I don't know.
Miss Cathy: Darn wall.

And this was the way the morning starting. This little episode I did find endearing and humorous, thereby making it an exception to my "this is so annoying" typical attitude to this phase.

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V said...

Darn walls is right! Hope the little man is feeling better.

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