Foul Behavior

Often times I find myself saying I am not surprised by anyone anymore. I have worked with enough people and seen enough personalities, to not be phased by most actions. This weekend, however, I was surprised (but I shouldn’t have been). Maybe I was surprised because it was personal and not professional.

Have you ever had someone not like you because you have figured out who they really are and what they really did? I am in this situation now. I assume that she doesn’t like me because of this. I assume she doesn’t like my whole extended family because of this. Her actions were and are despicable, but none of us has said anything to her because, quite frankly it is not our place to say anything.

Her dislike for me and my immediate family was made evident to me this weekend when she proved it by snubbing my 3 year old child. That’s right, you heard me. She used my innocent child to prove her own point of dislike for us. It’s sad and petty that she would find it necessary to use a child, who has no idea the dynamics of what’s happening.

I wish I had some witty little quip to go along with this story, but I am not feeling especially witty or quippy at the moment.

1 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

It is absoluetly appalling for someone to use a child in such a way. Big hugs to Timmy - and to you!

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