Brow Brow Brinker

This is a little word play that came from my Grandma. She did it with Little Man and he loves it still. I do it with Ladybug and she thinks it's great fun.
Notice, if you will, that Ladybug is so excited that drool comes escaping from her mouth at the end.

4 People Raise Their Wine Glasses to Me:

Rebecca said...

She is so cute! My son asked to watch this over and over and I think he just fell in love! LOL!!!!


Have a good day at work - It will be hard, but you are a good momma and you will make it!

Fratzels said...

That's really sweet that your little guy liked the video. Funny, I can watch it over and over too - the two of us could be fast friends!

amanda said...

this is so adorable!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, Chis,
I finally got to see the picture of Reagan and the "Brow,brow,Brinker" play; couldn't get it til now. Computer problems. I am glad she liked it, and that Timmy did still. Wish I could remember more of the baby rhymes. I'll have to try the library; or the computer search?
Couldn't get the video, something else I can't figure out. LOVE YOUR NEW BLOG PAGE! lOVE bRANDMA

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